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2004 — Yearly Archive

Girlie Men…

Speaking of of girlie men… Detail from a potrait of King Louis XIV, by Hyacinthe Rigaud, 1701.

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1 September 2004 1:02 pm

Indiatimes Offers Blogs

I’m not a huge fan of Indiatimes, however now that they’ve added weblogs to the roster of services offered, I applaud their using the .Text engine. Dottext and Wordpress have to be the best weblog engines out there, for free or pay. This automatically means Indiatimes bloggers have a far better tool (and far better blogs) than, say, Rediffblogs. I wish Indiatimes would go easy on the advertising, though.

The quality of writing on Indiatimes’ weblogs isn’t anything worth writing home about, though — barring a few good ones, most are faux stream-of-consciousness textstreams.

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24 August 2004 9:35 am

Scripting News and the Kerry Campaign

It’s sad to see Scripting News turn into a soundbite site for the Kerry Campaign. Weblogs are supposed to wear their biases on their sleeves (and Dave has laid his biases bare: this election has one and only one issue for him: Anyone But Bush); however, it is interesting to see which way a weblog turns when there’s a conflict of interest.

Regular readers of Scripting News know that the relationship between webloggers and journalists is a fairly regular topic here. Because of that, the silence on Scripting News about the Swiftvets and their (non-)coverage in the media was mystifying. Here was a story where the weblogs were getting all the action, and I for one expected Dave to point to it and rebutt it vociferously. Howeve