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October 2003 — Monthly Archive

Longhorn’s New Command Shell — Monad

While others are busy hyping Avalon, Indigo, WinFS and XAML, Jason Nadal has the right idea and writes about Monad. This is worth watching since the lack of a good command shell (no, cmd.exe still doesn’t qualify) is one of my biggest gripes about Windows, and a programmable shell would be very useful indeed.

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29 October 2003 6:38 pm

Gator is Spyware

(Via Slashdot) Gator forces site to remove Spyware label. Interesting. I don’t mind if someone installs Gator to hear about shopping bargains. The reason I don’t like Gator is that it arrives surreptitously (no, a IE do-you-want-to-install-GMT dialog is not good enough), and eats up RAM and CPU cycles on the user’s PC even when no browser is running.

For an example of a tracking application done right, check out the Google Toolbar