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September 2003 — Monthly Archive

Net Censorship in India - 2

groups.yahoo.com is now once again accessible through my Indian ISP (VSNL).

But, visit an arbitary URI and my browser returns:

You were denied access because:
Access denied by access control list.

I smell an application layer proxy.

I hear the gentle sounds of Article 19.1.a being
ripped apart in the background.

I see the Internet in India as restricted as Dubai, China or Iran in one year. I pray that I am wrong.

The worst part is, now that access to Yahoo Groups is (mostly) restored, this issue will die. If readers’ opinion in the Times of India is anything to go by, no one in this country cares a rat’s arse about liberty. And not-so-oddly enough, in this democratic society, their government doesn’t either.

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25 September 2003 5:48 pm

Net Censorship in India

groups.yahoo.com has been blocked by government diktat for the second day running now. Please write to your nearest Indian embassy (or NRI/PIO ambassador, if you happen to be of Indian origin) to let them know what you think of India turning into the next China or Iran.

If you live in India, I’m not sure what you can do. Unfortunately the time-honoured method of writing to one’s MP does not work in India. Ideas appreciated.

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24 September 2003 4:40 pm

TechEd India 2003

TechEd India Day One went great. High points: Office 2003/InfoPath sessions from Raj Chaudhari and Deepak Gulati (excellent speakers, both of them). The Longhorn video was great too, hope to see more in October and November!

The demos just confirmed what I felt after playing with the betas: with InfoPath’s and Word’s writing out data to u