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March 2003 — Monthly Archive

Windows 2000 Weirdness

The weirdest thing just happened to my Windows 2000 setup now — it stopped responding to the secure attention sequence (i.e. ctrl+alt+del), killing tasks like McAfee’s avsynmgr.exe (chief suspect) became impossible (access denied) and logoff/shutdown became impossible (the dialogs would display but not actually do anything). All the while, apps continued to worked fine. Poking at the reset switch solved that one.

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28 March 2003 9:39 pm

No Fix for NT4 Exploit

The story about this security bulletin has hit Slashdot. While there realistically won’t be too many customers who’ll trust NT4 systems on a un-firewalled network, this will seriously impact Microsoft’s credibility in the enterprise space (a space where it needs all the credibility it can get) because it reneged on its own lif