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August 2002 — Monthly Archive

Fiber in Mylapore

Walk around Mylapore these days and you’ll see a thread like mark in a lot of roads — that’s where Bharti (?) has been laying fiber as part of their broadband push. So far the two buildings in CIT Colony which have the fiber going into them have been a private residence (lucky so-and-so’s, which I was rich enough, etc :-)) and the NDTV office. We‘re still on old-fashioned leased lines :'-(

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23 August 2002 8:04 am

Children and Family

JRobb: Subtext: it’s the networks of people that support you and keep you whole after you get old that matter.

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20 August 2002 6:48 am

Aggregators with Auth Support?

Is there a single News Aggregator out there that supports HTTP User-Authentication (Basic/Digest)? Better still, one that can read IE’s cookies so that it can read intranet weblog feeds as long as an intranet login is valid? This is important because many teams are geographically dispersed (i.e., not on the same LAN/VPN) but still need to share stuff the rest of the world would be better of not knowing about.

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19 August 2002 10:24 pm