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July 2002 — Monthly Archive

Follow the Leader

Rob Fahrni:

I found it interesting that Apple is incorporating ideas from other vendors into OS X (Jaguar). Oh, I’m sorry, it’s called integration. This is what killed Microsoft in court. Integration, or bundling, of features into the OS. It’s ok for Apple to do it because they haven’t been found guilty of monopolistic practices, 5% market share and a competitor walking on egg shells can do that for you.

Add Sun’s drivel about sedimentation to that, and the irony is complete. Some of these guys may now be suing Microsoft, but are at the same time liberally taking pages out of MS’s playbook.

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22 July 2002 9:20 am

How Much is OSX Costing You?

El Reg:

The kudos Apple won by introducing a generous all-you-can-eat pricing for its server offerings has been lost by gouging its most loyal consumers. If you’ve been working with OS X since the public beta, your bill for the OS alone will have topped $400 by now. In the same period Microsoft has introduced one upgrade costing consumers $99 or $199 for the “profession