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April 2002 — Monthly Archive

Yet Another School Shooting

Damn, it’s begun again. Germany now, of all places. Bad!

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26 April 2002 8:52 pm

The Antitrust Suit and XP Embedded

Paraphrasing my /. post here: in the Gates testimony, who’s leading who?

Could the new found focus on XP Embedded (in the testimony) have something to do with the fact that it doesn’t sell very well, as of now? I wonder how QNX, Lineo and the others would feel if/when `XP Embedded for PCs’ starts being burnt into Flash RAM of each PC that’s sold. Make no mistake, Microsoft could do this, while incidentally giving a black eye to the Free/Open Source communities who will then have additional rounds of reverse engineering to do. (And yes, the FSF’s silence on embedded software is becoming an increasing curios