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January 2002 — Monthly Archive

Cardiff’s Supertram

BBC News: Cardiff’s Supertram.

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17 January 2002 5:30 pm

.NET Framework Now Available

The .NET Framework SDK (RTM) was released yesterday.

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16 January 2002 5:41 pm

Outlook: Indian Hawks And The American Plan

Outlook: Indian Hawks And The American Plan

Surprising, as it may appear to some, the Indian troop deployment along the border with Pakistan was exactly what Americans had hoped that India would do. It has furthered American interests and, according to policy makers in Washington, reaffirmed the logic of the American Plan.

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14 January 2002 8:28 pm

Has J2EE Hit a Fork?

(via netcrucible) Has J2EE Hit a Fork In the Road?Proprietary extensions from BEA, others threaten platform harmony.. Here’s some pushback.

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5 January 2002 3:55 pm

Don Box’s Favorite Things about the CLR

Don’s Favorite Aspects of the CLR

COM was like an ugly woman with a heart of gold. You really had to want to fall in love, but once you did, it was forever. Java was like a beautiful woman with horrible breath. Sure she looks great from across a crowded room, but you really need to overlook certain annoyances if you plan on spending any time with her. The CLR is like a great looking woman with nice breath but since you are her first fling, you can’t ask her ex for pointers on how to get along with her.

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3:33 pm

2001 Passes By, No Monolith Reported

Hey, 2001 just passed by, and they haven’t found a monolith yet. Darn :-( .

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2 January 2002 3:02 am


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