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2001 — Yearly Archive

Great Collection of Old Games

Ashok Satpathy has a great collection of old games, all in one place!

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23 December 2001 5:59 pm

The Geek Syndrome

…in Wired.

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12:02 pm

Trendy Management Theories Contributed to Enron Demise, Krugman Says

NY Times: On Enron: Death by Guru.

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19 December 2001 2:21 am

Having Fun Is Easy When the Killjoys are Gone

MSNBC: Afghans recapture joy of lost holiday:

It is the eve of Eid al-Fitr, a three-day holiday celebrating the end of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, and much of the capital has come alive with a festive spirit not felt here since 1996, when the rigid Taliban Islamic movement took power in Kabul and snuffed out the city’s soul. Now, with the abrupt departure of Taliban forces from Kabul on Nov. 13 and their final surrender of power in the city of Kandahar last week, many of Kabul’s residents plan to celebrate with a vengeance.

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17 December 2001 7:48 pm

Doonesbury Strips on 9/11 Detentions

Doonesbury on the 9/11 detentions. Here’s another series on a continuing theme.

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12:01 pm

Surprise! Al Qaeda Trainee Fought alongside Pakistanis in Kashmir

Newsweek: According to his interview with CNN, Walker fought with Pakistanis in Kashmir in the summer of 2001. Anyone surprised?

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15 December 2001 5:09 pm

Who Wants DRM? (Apart from the Vendor)

Doc Searls: Microlith.

A fundamental building block for client-side content security is a secure operating system. … This stepping-stone to a secure operating system is sometimes called “Secure Boot.” If secure boot cannot be assured, then whatever rights management system the secure OS provides, the computer can always be booted into an insecure operating system as a step to compromise it.

That’s from the MSFT patent on Digital Rights Management.

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2:50 pm

Stay-Awake-All-Night Pill

Modafinil: I want that. Must… get… that.

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13 December 2001 11:52 pm

Electronic Pen (not a Palm Stylus)

The electronic pen. Done right, this idea has a future. I’ve lost count of the number of jotted notes I’ve taken and then wished it would magically transport itself into a report|diagram|spreadsheet|webpage, because I was sure to mislay the darn thing and then that’d be a good idea I’d lose, or rather remember again (memory not too bad yet, touch wood). Of course, merely writing it down improves the chances of remembering, but it’d be pretty good if I could email my jotted notes to myself. (And not in the ridiculous way the Palm makes you do it.)

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10:34 pm

Warning Us About Our Friendly Neighbours, Presumably

In the Times Of India:

The Parliament is the highest representative of democracy and they chose Parliament deliberately as their target, the Prime Minister said, adding that the incident should serve as a ‘warning’ to the whole country.

Warning against or about what? Pretty odd turn of phrase there.

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9:11 pm

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