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2000 — Yearly Archive

Britney’s Guide to Semiconductor Physics

Britney’s Guide to Semiconductor Physics is the perfect place to visit if you an student of electrical engineering stressed out from too much cramming before the exams hit you. Hey, it is also an educative experience. Seriously.

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24 August 2000 8:10 pm

Linux Source Navigator

Not all of us are kernel hackers, and even fewer have the time or inclination to install the Linux source code onto their computers. (Some of the newer “for-newbie” distributions skip the source entirely.) But what if you browse through the code over the web? Try the Linux Source Navigator — it helps you do just that!

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20 August 2000 6:45 am

The Heavenly Jukebox

The Atlantic Monthly never ceases to bore me… well written prose, excellent analyses, great fiction once in a while — what more could you possibly want? The articles do tend to be longish, but then if you have the attention span of the average MTV watcher, you’d better stay away from the Monthly anyway. What caught my attention this time was The Heavenly Jukebox, an excellent piece on the dwelling on — but not confined to — the RIAA vs Napster Battle, of which more will be said in a subsequent post.

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19 August 2000 6:48 am

Why many Indian e-commerce sites suck