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August 2000 — Monthly Archive

KEO Time Capsule

Time capsules tend to capture the imagination of the public for one reason or the other. A new time capsule project, The KEO, is underway in France about the time you read this. It’s capsule will be a CD-ROM, sent into space on board a satellite that will remain in orbit well into the 50th millennium (that’s right: 50,000 CE). And what’s more, even you can contribute you thoughts to be preserved for posterity: follow this link and type your message in! You can contribute upto 6000 characters — that’s nearly 4 pages of text.

Of course a hardened sf fan like myself couldn’t let this opportunity pass by — I have submitted a message myself! You can read my message for KEO here.

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31 August 2000 10:47 pm

KDE vs Gnome

If you’ve been following the KDE vs. GNOME wars — especially after the GNOME Foundation was formed, you’ll enjoy this piece. It comes close to capturing my own views on the subject, of course — so you shouldn’t be surprised to find a few subtle potshots at GNOME here. But I’ll say this: KDE has been unfairly treated just because Trolltech’s QT was perceived as as somehow “less free” than the competition. Ideological purity is all very well (and KDE does comply with the Open Source Defintion — there’s even a KDE Free Qt Foundation now) but the GTK toolkit on which GNOME is based is IMHO too hairy for modern-day GUI development. In contrast, KDE’s C++-based approach is like a breath of fresh air. And, if coding is not your cup of tea, KDE looks prettier and runs faster as well.

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24 August 2000 8:4