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Call for Entries — Blog Mela 2005, Issue 3

While we wait for the year’s 2nd mela to be put up at Nilesh’s place, all ye bloggers who wish their screeds included in the 3rd भारतीय blog मेला this year — direct your entries this way or comment below. Entries submitted ought to have an India angle in there somewhere (either that, or be scoop-memepool weird). Entries in Hindi are welcome because I can read the language. I’m not going to constrain submitters on ‘personal’ posts, but they have to be well-written to be included in the mela.

Entries for this mela should have been posted between Jan 8 through 14.

Update 12 Jan: The Mela will be up after 9pm GMT 14th Jan.

9 January 2005 4:26 am

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