I wonder if the hike in local-call-tariffs will affect dial-up internet users — anybody who dials a 172xxx SancharNet number to access the Net through a dial-up ISP like Sify and VSNL at discounted rates of upto Rs12/hr at night. If so, then dial-up users unfortunately become collateral damage. In the long run, it would do these ISPs a world of good if they could convert as many of these dial-up users to broadband. But given that dial-up is with us for some more time, they could pick a leaf or two out of ISP’s like Blueyonder, who offer plans like SurfUnlimited, which has a special unmetered telephone line just for data. Touchtel already advertises a scheme along these lines, and there’s no reason why Sify/VSNL could not enter into a revenue-sharing agreement with BSNL and offer a toll-free number for dial-up users to use.