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March 2002 — Monthly Archive

wucrtupd Runs Far Too Often

wucrtupd.exe, the Windows Critical Update Notification program, insists on running every five minutes to check for critical updates. It may be well intentioned, but if the OS is so damn buggy that critical updates have to be searched for every five minutes, they should take it off the market. What’s worse, there’s no way I’ve found ’til now that to change the interval for good (running wucrtupd.exe resets the interval to 5 minutes). This page suggests something about sucrtupd.exe, which apparently exists for Windows98, but I run Windows 2000 and have an ‘updated version’ (according to windowsupdate.com) with such ‘advanced features’ helpfully removed.

Have disabled Critical Update Notification now (in HKLM..Windows..Run), and hope it stays that way.

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31 March 2002 10:47 am

Beatles LoTR Movie was Planned in 60s

Beatles wanted to do Rings film in 1960s. That’s one film I’m glad never came into being. Can’t you just see George Harrison as Gandalf? :-)

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30 March 2002 1:45 am

Flangy Points Out I Forgot OS X

Flangy points out that I forgot to include OS X as a contender for the heart and minds of developers. Accepted. For graphic designers — or BSD fans without a budget :-) — a Mac running OS X is a great investment… all the ease of use of a modern desktop OS, and all the power of Unix behind it. But to me, a hardware monopoly is far worse than a software monopoly. At least my Windows apps will still find a microprocessor to execute on if Dell tanks. A hardware+software platform combo controlled by one company would imho be too risky for many businesses — and it doesn’t even have enough market share to justify the cost of developing apps on it.

To me, the network effect of (both) Wintel and Linux will be the single biggest factor that’ll force the Mac to become the Porsche of the personal computer world — pretty, immensely desirable, but a bit impractical for carrying the family around. (Porsche does pretty well, as I understand it — so, undoubtedly, will Apple.)

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29 March 2002 11:24 pm

Scandalous Porifera

9:40 pm

Neat On-the-fly CSS Switcher

Sjoerd Visscher: Don’t like the look of this site? Fantastic Tool.

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9:18 pm

Doc Searls’ Take on Microsoft Culture

Doc Searls:

It is clear that Microsoft’s top management deeply believes they are doing good in the world. In terms of just selling stuff that a lot of people buy and like, that’s so. But it goes deeper. They believe they are doing good by becoming strong, by staying strong, and by fighting their enemies with every ounce of that same strength.

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7:41 pm

David Weinberger Asks Gates to Free Information, not Control it

JOHO: Become the digital millennium’s Medici, not its Savonarola.

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7:27 pm

Wolfgang Manousek Doesn’t Like Program Managers Touching His Code

Wolfgang Manousek:

Now our Program Manager is getting real dangerous, he changed some code in our product and checked the changes into the source control system. A PROGRAM MANAGER touched our code (this brings the picture of Lucy (Peanuts) to my mind, yelling in pain and horror being kissed by a dog).

Ow. that bad a reaction? :-)

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7:19 pm

Doc Searls’ Tasty Spam Mix

Doc Searles: Before trashing about 100 newly-discovered e-spams, I decided to merge all of them into one item. Here’s the result. Heh.

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7:09 pm

Monkey Moves Cursor By Thinking

NY Times: This is a case of monkey think, monkey do. One step closer to Planet Cyborg, imho. Within 50 years we’ll see increasing numbers of people with some sort of prosthetic attached that’ll make our spectacles and crutches and motorized wheelchairs appear like stone age tools.

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6:58 pm

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