October 2001

The Register: Apple to brief staff on ‘breakthrough device’ Monday. Hmm. Digital Music? Who knows, with all those wackos^H^H^H^H^H^Hgeniuses at Apple anything is possible.

systray.org: All your systray are belong to us. Aargghh!

Larry Ellison’s new National ID Card

George Smith: Gas Peddled

It also becomes clear after reviewing the ugly history of extremely poisonous “gases” that routine protective gear does not work particularly well. Nerve agents, even small amounts, pass through exposed skin and worm around seams. By the time symptoms of poisoning appear, it is too late for the donning of respirators. Mustard, another volatile liquid, inflicts ferocious burns on any exposed area. The current bull market in gas masks is nothing, then, but a cruel waste of money. They might work against tear gas, pepper sprays, smoke, or a wandering skunk, I suppose.

Kevin Smith: First Kiss Comics: My Date with Destiny. Sweet!

MSNBC: 38 U.S. flags stolen at veterans’ cemetery. Unreal.

The Register: Jedi Knights achieve official recognition as a religion.

On the Winamp 2.77 changelog: AVS includes experimental fullscreen overlay mode. I tried it, it rocks. Just the thing when you need a little distraction :-) .

John Robb: Behold the terrible power of the modern state. Behold the terrible power of the world united.

The last two issues of The Onion — on the Sep 11 bombings — rock.

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