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Your Mouse Moves Differently in OSX

Every time I use OSX my arm hurts from all the mousing I have to do — and that’s not because I don’t know the Mac keyboard shortcuts. The culprit is OSX’s mouse cursor acceleration logic, and here’s how you can fix it to be more Windows-friendly.

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14 March 2006 8:52 am

GMail’s Conversation View and UI Scalability

On April 4 I wrote:

What’d really kick ass: a desktop app communicating over HTTP to my Gmail account (like Outlook Express communicates with Hotmail). Dredging through long conversations over a browser will not be fun, I assure you (anyone tried really long threads on Google Groups?).

…to which a couple of people have written over to say that they’ve been trying out Gmail’s conversation view, which in their opinion is the greatest thing since sliced bread and is tons better than Google Groups’ threads.

The problem here is one of UI scalability: newsgroups often have very large threads (100+ messages at 7+ levels of nesting are not uncommon) unlike personal email, where 25+ messages at 3 levels would be a big deal. Gmail’s “flat” conversation view is ideal for personal messages, but it won’t induce folk who subscribe to high volume mailing lists like india-gii or debian-user.

One other thing: Gmail shoul