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Windows Toggle Keys

From the access-ramps dept: Toggle Keys is a killer Windows Accessibility feature that works very well for touch typists who keep hitting cAPS lOCK bY mISTAKE (as when touch-typing on a different keyboard). To switch it on, use Control Panel | Accessibility Options, Alt+T, Alt+A, Enter.

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16 March 2004 6:51 pm

Privileged File Management for Ordinary Windows Users

Andrew Duthie has a great tip for privileged file management while running as an ordinary user in Windows. This is important because explorer.exe cannot be launched as another (higher- or lower- privileged) user using its Run As feature. The tip? Use iexplore.exe, which doubles up as a file manager when fed a local path.

On the other hand, what this says about IE’s potential to wreak havoc on a system is best left unsaid. If I were an auditor going over IE code, I would not be a happy man :-).

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