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SmallWindows, Open Source Exposé for Windows

SmallWindows is an excellent open source Exposé-workalike for Windows. It’s still in beta and has some some rough edges, but it’s a snap to download and use. Recommended if you (like me) have 20+ windows open most of the time. (via)


1 February 2006 4:33 pm

Offline Web Applications

I get a lot of flak from people for saying that the web can never be a serious application platform until it gets Offline right. I’m usually told ubiquitous wifi and 3G/EVDO will make offline apps obsolete. Or that Adam Bosworth obsesses far too much about “the person on the airplane [when] airplanes are actually getting Internet connections.”

Of course, anyone who has faced a broadband outage (or traipsed around small Welsh villages without cellphone signals) will know that losing your apps along with your connection doesn’t sound like fun. On the other hand, Alchemy seems no closer to shipping today than it did when it was first announced.

However, Julien Couvreur’s new “Take It With You” Wiki shows what can be done today with a bit of imagination. TiwyWiki is rudimentary but gets the online/offline experience exactly right. Neat hack, and I’m definitely going to try and apply this in some of my own projects. (This requires Flash 8 to be installed, but future variations on this technique could just as easily use the browser’s own scriptable security/storage model when the browser vendors get around to implementing such capabilities.)

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18 January 2006 2:17 pm

Project Aardvark == Remote Desktop

Is Project Aardvark a remote desktop service that works through firewalls using an HTTP-based reflector, like GoToMyPC and MyWebexPC, given some of the hints the Aardvark team has been dropping? Given the team’s working with a lot of GPL code, maybe they’re extending VNC?

Incidentally, I find myself using MyWebexPC a lot these days and it’s quite good (and the basic version’s free for upto 5 PCs) … if you find yourself working on several machines, you might want to give it a try.

Update: Hadn’t noticed this: Michael Still has discovered what Aardvark is: SidePilot, a service that allows ‘people to help their friends, relatives, and customers fix their computer problems by temporarily controlling their computers via the Internet’.

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